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Diana Egri

Graphic designer

One of the best parts about this job is working with clients who love what they do and are excited about their projects – I find it constantly inspiring, and this brings out the best in me as a designer. 


I also enjoy the entire creative process, from conceptualizing an idea, to its honing and execution.
I love getting to the heart of a message or campaign
and focusing in on the main elements we’re aiming at,
as well as what will truly capture people’s attention.


Client feedback is extremely important to me,
and I like to dig deep and get as much input as possible. 

Whatever the nature of a project, from IT to illustration, I tend to strive for perfection. To that end, my design style is clean, and every visual element is meaningful. Nothing is more gratifying for me than seeing a project complete and a client satisfied -- because that means that with my help, their vision has been turned into graphical reality.


I embrace a variety of projects, from new web design to branding from scratch. In addition, I am often asked to stand in and complete projects that have already been started.


I’ve loved art ever since I can remember. I have been constantly drawing since early childhood, and graduated from a both high school and a university specializing in graphic design and progressive art.

I started working in graphic design in 2010, actively collecting work experience at high profile advertising agencies until 2015, when I went into business for myself and launched my freelance career.


Production of vector, pixel, and hand-drawn illustrations, logo design, social media design, UI, web design, small and large brand design, typography, production of print materials, text layout, flyer and poster design, magazine design, GIF animation design, CV design, roll-up design.


I am highly experienced in working with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Acrobat, Sketch, Zeplin, Figma, Wix, My Creative Brain.


Design topics I have experience in, and also love working in
(but in reality, any exciting idea can get me going):

Biology, marine biology, microbiology, robotics, biorobotics, science, start ups, etiology, botany, IT, humancare, healthcare, veterinary medicine, food and drink, nutrition, freelancers, literature, sharing systems, logistics, travel, system building, art, conceptual art, search systems, product design, hospitality branding.

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